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POS-Premium Breakfast NEW!

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For a limited time, these items are offered FREE of charge!

  • Table Tent measures 5"W x 7"H and is printed on card stock and cut/scored to be assembled by the operator.
  • Wobbler measures 3.65"W x 6.46"H and is printed on flexible styrene material; it has a peel-and-stick strip on the T-shaped top which allows it to be adhered to a shelf or cooler door.
  • Cling measures 6"W x 4"H and is printed on Ultra-Removable material; it can be removed and reapplied approximately 6-10 times.
  • Poster measures 22"W x 28"H and is printed on thin styrene material; it is single-sided; it may be hung on a wall, in a window or from the ceiling; no hanging or mounting hardware is included.